What is a Virtual Climb

Are you asking yourself “What the heck is a virtual stair climb?!” You are not the only one. Here is some inspiration and information to help you explain it to your friends and family.

The Benefits of a Virtual Climb

  • Do your climb whenever and however you want: Usually we ask you to do the climb on a certain date at a certain time in a certain location. But what if you’ve got a schedule conflict? With a virtual climb, you pick the day, time and location. You have an entire week to pick the day that works best for you! Climb at 5am or 10pm or mid-day on a Tuesday – whenever works for you.
  • Do your climb wherever you want: Don’t have the time or money to travel to San Francisco on September 11th? The thought of 1197 stairs all at once scares the jeepers out of you? With a virtual climb, you pick the activity – you are not restricted to stairs. Do it in your neighborhood or a local park. Walk, run, climb, bike, hike, swim, dance, roll or crawl – the activity is up to you.
  • Take as long as you need to complete the climb: Nobody’s judging you. OK, we think our NFRF Stair Climb athletes are the best, and they would never judge you for being a slow climber. But that does not stop YOU from THINKING they are judging you, or from feeling you somehow have to beat the 18-year-old-All-American-athlete next to you. When you do a virtual climb, you just focus on doing your best and having a great time. No need to worry about finishing before the timing staff is gone and building security does their final stairwell sweep.
  • Hassle free! No driving/parking issues, and no need to stand in a long porta-potty line. That alone makes a virtual climb a superior option!
  • Climb with family members, your dog, your kid in a stroller. Or get your family involved in cheering you on with finish line signs, a medal ceremony, staffing your “water stations”, etc.
  • Climb with friends, no matter where they live: A virtual climb lets you have a shared experience with your friends or family, even if you live halfway across the world. You can all start at the same time. Maybe Facebook Live or Facetime each other along the way for encouragement. Plan for a virtual brunch after the climb and meet up on Zoom for a mimosa and pancake party.