What if there are no stairs near me for a virtual climb? Are there other workouts?

Our in-person plan is to climb the 1197 stairs of the 555 California Street building in San Francisco. For the virtual climb we will offer a variety of activities that approximate this climb.

Since not everyone has access to that many stairs, here are some alternate workouts you can do that are the equivalent of the 1197 stairs at 555 California Street Building:

  • Stairs: 1197 stairs in your home, apartment, parking garage, office building, outdoor park. If your house has 12 stairs going down to your basement, climb it 100 times. Or maybe there is an outdoor staircase or parking garage near you that has 200 stairs – climb those 6 times (it’s ok to climb up and take the elevator down…)
  • Steps: 1197 steps on a gym stair climber or elliptical machine either in your home or local gym
  • Step-Ups: 600 step-ups onto a chair or riser in your home, or low wall/bench in a local park
  • Walk: 7500 “strides” or 3.75 miles of walking outside or on a treadmill (try to add a hill or two in there to make it challenging)
  • Hike: 750 ft elevation gain (or 75 flights on your fitness tracker)
  • Swim: 1200 meters swimming (48 laps in an Olympic size pool, more in a smaller pool)
  • Run: 2 miles running (add some hill sprints for an added challenge)
  • Cycle: 20 miles cycling (road or mountain bike, or indoor bike trainer). Don’t cheat with an e-bike (or maybe go longer distance if that is all you have)
  • Design Your Own Program. This is a great option for injured, disabled or otherwise physically challenged climbers, or climbers who prefer alternate workouts like kayaking, SUP, etc. (Contact us at [email protected] if you wish to go that route and we can help you come up with a course/workout that will qualify you for the awards)