Can you offer any training tips?

Yes! Take it easy and train at your own pace and consider your own capabilities. The virtual climb is not a timed activity. You can take 5 hours (or more) to do it if you want to!

You will be training on your own, but we will offer weekly challenges to help get you inspired and in-shape for the actual event day. Be sure to opt in to text messages and to join our social media pages to be alerted of these training challenges. There will be prizes to be had!

If you are under the care of a physician, please consult your doctor and obtain his/her permission to enter this event given the details of the climb. Train and hydrate. Hydration should occur well in advance of event day as well as during and after the climb. If you are new to climbing stairs, then start slow and build up your tempo. To reduce the risk of injury, place your entire foot on the stair each time.