The National First Responders Fund is there when First Responders need assistance. While the NFRF is a continued supporter of First Responders through Peer Support, Peer Training and Random Acts of Kindness because of suffering from PTSI, the NFRF realizes First Responders need immediate support during times of emergencies.

When disasters happen across the nation, The National First Responders Fund is here to help our First Responders in their time of need.

Your donation could make a difference in the life of our everyday heroes.

The National First Responders Fund supports peer training, counseling and community based partnerships that give back to First Responders in their time of need. 

Addressing Post Traumatic Stress  is one of top our funding priorities. More than 25% of our first responders suffer in silence from injuries resulting exposure from traumatic events. The four primary categories of funding for our PTS program are:

Treatment of Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) offsite;
Education and research identifying minimum standards for best practices in addressing post traumatic stressors;
Awareness and de-stigmatization to demystify PTS injuries;
Mobilization and outreach by Peer Support Teams related to specific events and tragedies.

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