Donate to give the gift of a bed for Northern California Firefighters working

around the clock this Holiday season

This week, we at the National First Responders Fund received a request from a local fire department asking to help pay for replacing 14 old beds in their fire stations. Most people don't know that firehouse furniture is not covered by the govt. As it turns out, all 27 beds from 4 stations are in poor condition.


We spend 1/3 of our lives on our beds and no piece of furniture is more important to our mental and physical health. We're committed to getting them all replaced, and as such reached out to Mattress Firm corporate to persuade them to chip in. They generously agreed to cover 70% of the cost and delivery - leaving us with a gap of $322 for 27 beds. The NFRF is making a public appeal to help fill this gap, and we're asking you to donate in support. 100% of the money goes to pay for up to 27 beds, which will be delivered on Christmas eve. Pictures will be provided.


Help give the gift of good sleep to this fire department. The NFRF will personally send you pictures as a thank you for donating. Please support this important tax deductible cause at www.nfrf.orf/bedsforheroes.