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Reading and following these simple instructions will help assure that race day will be a safe and enjoyable day for everyone.

If you are under the care of a physician, please consult your doctor and obtain his/her permission to enter this race given the details of the race. Train and hydrate. Hydration should occur well in advance of race day as well as during and after the race. This is a vertical race to the top. There are 1292 stairs to the top and many turns. If you are new to climbing stairs, then start slow and build up your tempo. To reduce the risk of injury, place your entire foot on the stair each time. The average race time is approximately 25 minutes.

Course Description

Building Location: 555 California Street

                                San Francisco Ca. 94111

                                Google Map (click here)

Number of floors: 52 floors (1292 stairs). 


REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED! We will not allow day-of registration and registration will be closed on the Wednesday before the climb.  

Opening ceremony will begin at approximately 8:15 a.m..  YOU WILL BE ASSIGNED A START TIME IN ADVANCE AS WE DID LAST YEAR BUT YOU CAN ALSO SHOW UP AND CLIMB AT ANY TIME BETWEEN 8:30am and 1pm.

REGISTERED RACERS WILL BE RELEASED IN APPROXIMATELY 15 SECOND INTERVALS AS THEY ARRIVE AT THE STARTING LINE READY TO CLIMB. Please come at least 45 minutes before your desired start time to receive your packet, number and other items. You can use this opportunity to take pictures with first responders, stretch, hydrate and gather your team (unless you are racing as an individual). The race will begin at the street/plaza level and will go to the top. Water stations EMS personnel will be placed strategically along the way. Once you reach the top, you will then take the elevator to the Plaza level where you can celebrate your accomplishments with your friends and family with food, refreshments, and celebration. 

Registration:  All climbers must obtain their race materials on the day of the climb (not ahead of time) so please arrive early.  You must register in advance of the race as registration will close at 5pm the Wednesday night BEFORE the race. 

Race time: Please be at the location at least 45 minutes before your desired start time. The first available start time will be immediately following the opening ceremony at 8:30am and the team stretch.  The last climber will be at approximately 12 noon. Feel free to come early and take pictures with firefighters and warm up.

Parking: There is limited public parking available at 555 California Street. Public transportation/ UBER /LYFT is highly encouraged. Public parking (hourly/paid) is available in the area at LINK. If you intend on driving and utilizing public parking, please call the parking lot in advance to make sure they are open the Saturday before the race. Many parking facilities in the area are closed on Saturday. The race is not affiliated with these parking providers so please make sure that they are open on the day of the race. 



No Relay Teams Please

The course is not set up for relays. Teams can race in pairs of two at the same time and consecutively, but not as a relay. The course is 52 flights for a total of 1292 stairs. The average time walking the race is approximately 25 minutes (in full fire gear, faster without it). Practice 25 minutes of stair climbing at the gym and you will get the idea. There will be a water station at approximately every 12 flights and you will be able to opt out of the race at any time (nobody ever has), preferably at a water station. Once you start the race, the only way down is via elevator. You will not be permitted to walk down.


Individual and Team Climbing Awards:

  • Fastest overall male and female.

  • Fastest Team. Top ten climbers from each team will be averaged to determine the team's time. These team members will get an award. 


Fundraising Awards:

  • Top Individual Fundraiser. 

  • Top Fundraising Team. Award will be given to the team manager. 

Building Rules

All Persons attending the event are subject to search at all times.

Leave large bags and personal belongings of value at home.

The hosts will have a bag drop for small belongings of little to no value. All bags are subject to search.

The hosts are not liable for lost or stolen items, including those left at the bag drop.

Any item that is a weapon or can be used as a weapon is prohibited.

​All participants will be required to sign a waiver containing other terms in order to participate in the event. 

Event Safety Procedures

Medical Personnel
Trained medical personnel will be located in the stairwells, at the top of the building and in the plaza.

Emergency Procedures
In the event that an emergency is reported in the building, you will be instructed what to do over the P.A. sound system. Paramedics will be located in intervals along the climb. If you witness an emergency while climbing between paramedic stations, immediately notify emergency personnel in the stairwell. Please wait for instructions, do not panic.

Water Stations
Water stations are located throughout the stairwells, at the top of the building and in the refreshment area.

Always announce your presence and your intent to pass the slower climber. Climb on the rail side of the stairwell. Pass on the outside.

Please note that all climbers and volunteers must be at least 18 years old by event day in order to participate. THIS IS A NEW RULE FOR 2019 THAT IS UNFORTUNATELY OUTSIDE OUR DISCRETION. Minors are welcome to enjoy the festivities at the plaza level. 

Disqualification/ Non-finishers

The host reserves the right to disqualify you for any unruly behavior or any behavior that does not comport to the standards of the event, at the discretion of the Hosts.  In the event that you are unable to finish the complete climb, please signal a race marshal and you will be escorted down to the Plaza via the elevator. Emergency medical services and water stations will be strategically placed along the route.

Refunds- Once you have registered, there are no refunds. We will allow you to substitute a climber in your place or apply the fee to a future race, but notice must be given prior to the close of registration on Wednesday September 9, 2020 at 5pm. Send any substitution request to 

Weather Considerations 

It will be a Saturday in September. The weather is San Francisco is unpredictable so please bring clothes for cold or windy weather in the Plaza.

Personal Music Devices 

You may wear a personal music device for the race as long as the volume level allows you to hear any instructions from building or host personnel in case of an emergency.