We understand the challenges associated with taking the first steps of reaching out for the support. To that end, we're working hard to connect you to the programs that can benefit you personally, and also assist with financial support to ease the process. We're here to help. It’s a sign of strength to understand you may need support. As the founders of the National First Responders Fund, our goal is to build a structure that continues to spread awareness about the challenges that first responders face, and raise funds to provide access to the support you need. We've already raised enough money to begin the process of financial support. We offer confidential services and encourage you to let us help you. 

If you would like to remain anonymous, fill in the information of a trusted member of your department's stress unit, peer support unit, critical incident response team member or family member. One of our program directors will reach out to the name and the number you submit on the form. Rest assured, each of our program directors is an active or retired first responder with years of experience in talking with members who need support.